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Rock and Roll Contributions

A Rock and Roll Webquest for High School Students



Since 1986, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has been recognizing great Rock and Roll artists and their contributions to the music. Each year, those artists who pass the test are admitted to the hall of fame, selected by a national panel of 1000 Rock and Roll specialists. This year, however, the new inductees are going to be chosen by you and your classmates. The new members will be chosen based on a presentation of your research, and then a final vote by all members of the class determining which artists presented had the biggest impact on Rock and Roll.









The Twist:

            For this year and this year only, the executive board for the hall of fame has decided to open up the voting to any artist or group whose debut album hit stores up to and including the year 2000.  (In other words, anyone from the 80ís and 90ís may be considered for induction as well as groups from prior years!!)  However, keep in mind that this is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, not the Pop Hall of Fame: BRITNEY SPEARS OR THE BACKSTREET BOYS NEED NOT APPLY!!






Task 1:  The Criteria

Access the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame website.  Determine what criteria are required to become a member of the hall of fame.  Decide upon and additional criteria you feel is necessary to become a member.






Task 2:  The Research

Research several artists (solo or ensemble) that fulfill the criteria for admission.  Find out:

-         What did these artists contribute to Rock and Roll?

-         Who influenced these artists?

-         Who has been influenced by these artists?

-         What are these artistís backgrounds?

-         What well known music have these artists written/performed? (listen and describe)







Task 3:  The Finalist

From the list of artists you researched, choose one artist that you want to nominate for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  (Your selection must be approved by the teacher before work is begun on the presentation!!)

-         What were this artistís biggest contributions to Rock?

-         What influences has this artist left?

-         What famous music is credited to this artist?









Task 4:  The Presentation

Present to the selection panel (your classmates) your nomination for the hall of fame.  Using a Power Point presentation, discuss your artistís music, contributions to Rock and Roll, and any other information you feel makes your artist a viable candidate for the hall of fame.  Your presentation should include general information as well as pictures, video footage, musical clips, and anything else that you feel will sway the panel to vote for your candidate.





Task 5:  The Vote

Upon completion of the presentations, the class will vote on the artists presented.  The vote will be based on who gave the greatest contributions to Rock and Roll, and therefore those artists will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.



Evaluation: Students click here to see how you will evalutated.





Links to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:


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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would like to thank you for your time and effort in helping with the preservation of rock and roll.  Through the help of interested students, the hall of fame can ensure that only the best are inducted into this prestigious club.  We look forward to working with you again!!

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