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    Music In History & Cultures : Rock and Roll Contributions

    Teacher Name: Mr. Carpenter, Mr. Zimmerman, Mr. Higgins

    Student Name:     ________________________________________

4 - Excellent
3 - Very Good
2 - Average
1 - Poor
Did students stay within the criteria set forth on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame listing?
Students meet all of the criteria set forth from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Which includes: Artists become eligible for induction 25 years after the release of their first record, influences and significance of the artist’s contributions to the development and perpetuation of rock and roll.
Student meet most of the criteria, but miss one aspect of the criteria. Example, gives the influences and nominates a correct artist [25 years later], but does not include significance to the contributions of the development of rock and roll.
Students only meet one aspect of the requirements. Example: Students pick an artist that has released their first album 25 years ago, but fails to include specific influences and significance to the contribution of the development of rock and roll.
Student's artist does not meet any of the criteria listed.
Students have gone above and beyond the suggested research material and have included reasonings outside of the suggested material.
Student has researched all of the materials needed and has followed the suggested topics.
Student is missing one or two of the topics needed to research.
Student is missing more then two of the topics needed to research.
Student's power point presentation includes everything that is needed. The presentation is a determinant that the student has done the research necessary. The presentation is designed to sell the artist to the classroom.
The presentation is full of knowledge and meets all of the requirements, but is safe and does not go over the topics needed. The power point has a few flaws, but still sells the artist to the class.
Students presentation is lacking some of the material required. The power point has many flaws and does not do a good job in selling the artist to the class.
Student is not prepared to present the artist in a manner that will sell to the class. The student has clearly not researched enough so that the artist has a shot at getting in. The power point is full of flaws and does not have the required information.

Date Created: May 04, 2005 11:49 am (CDT)

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