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Alexander Higgins

John Carpenter

Matt Zimmerman



Class:  General Music


Grades: 9-12





Students will learn about another form of music not generally taught in school (Rock and Roll)

Through research students will be able present to the class musical reason why their artist should be inducted.



National Standards:


            6. Listening to, analyzing, and describing music.

a. Students analyze aural examples of a varied repertoire of music, representing diverse genres and cultures, by describing the uses of elements of music and expressive devices


            7. Evaluating music and music performances.

c. Students evaluate a given musical work in terms of its aesthetic qualities and explain the musical means it uses to evoke feelings and emotions


9. Understanding music in relation to history and culture

a. Students classify by genre or style and by historical period or culture unfamiliar but representative aural examples of music and explain the reasoning behind their classifications 

c. Students identify various roles that musicians perform, cite representative individuals who have functioned in each role, and describe their activities and achievements





            Personal Computers (one for each student)








  1. T welcomes class
  2. T explains assignment that is given
  3. T tells S to go to
  4. S complete task
  5. S present at a later date





            See Evaluation Sheet.





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Evaluation :  Click here to go to Studnet Evaluation you can Print